JACKD Revamped, it’s about fitness… But you can loose what ever you want here!!

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We have Revamped JACKD, due to life doing it’s thing, decided to change the focus. I’m entering chapter 55 and needed to make some drastic changes and decided that I want to bring you all into this wonderful adventure called life! Tune in to my first episode of the season and let me know what you think! Peace


the Host

Carmen A

Working on making JACKD Podcast an all in one inclusive talk and entertainment show that brings out the real stories in family, friends and life. As JACKD is now revamped to wellness I still want to focus on the real parts of life, while still making people laugh which is is what I love to do. My goal is to bring to you those moments that everyone can relate to, and make real connections.

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Have something you want me to discuss on the next podcast? Or you want to share your thoughts about an episode that you related to or maybe you disagree. Please share, but keep in mind, we are all adults lets keep it real, this is a non judgement zone. 🙂

Use the hashtag #JACKDPodcast to our Instagram account alljackd_up or send a message from the contact form.

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